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Suspended Animation

Suspended Animation Surefire tricks for late-season crappies For anglers across the Ice Belt, November’s arrival spurs thoughts of the hardwater season ahead. But plenty of fine open-water fishing remains for the faithful who see the season through to the end. … Continue reading

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Eye Candy

Eye Candy Aggressive tactics for walleyes on artificial baits Walleye fans are a passionate group. Few foul conditions or other potential barriers stand between us and the pursuit of our marble-eyed quarry. We’re also religious in our devotion to time-honored … Continue reading

Catching Rays

Catching Rays Harnessing UV Light to Catch More Fish Anyone who’s suffered a sunburn is painfully aware of the power of ultraviolet radiation. It’s a simple concept: soak up too many rays without decent sunblock and you’re going to get … Continue reading

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Power of Plastic

Power of Plastic Softbait strategies for open-water panfish Artificial softbaits are all the rage for targeting panfish through the ice. Savvy winter warriors reap rewards including uncanny realism and unparalleled convenience in their quest to catch more fish. Trouble is, … Continue reading

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Storage Wars

Storage Wars Tips for winning the fight to organize tackle Anglers have an amazing array of lures, terminal tackle and other accessories at their disposal to help them catch more fish. In fact, it’s safe to say that today’s presentational … Continue reading

Top Props

Top Props Pick the right propeller for peak performance in any situation Today’s boats and outboards are light years ahead of the options available to anglers just a generation ago. Advancements in power and performance make it easier and safer than … Continue reading

Dream Boats

Dream Boats Tips For Buying And Rigging The Ultimate Fishing Boat North to South, cabin fever has countless winter-weary anglers gearing up for warm-weather fishing adventures ahead. For some, that means buying a new boat, while others opt to trick … Continue reading

Anchors Aweigh

Anchors Aweigh Shallow-Water Anchoring Systems Redefine Boat Control Boat control is critical to fishing success, especially when targeting shallow water. If you’re not in the right spot to cast and present baits, or worse, your boat drifts over skittish fish, … Continue reading

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